It All Starts Here

My enthusiasm for all things tech has prompted me to create this weblog, my first venture into “creating” a website. I have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever of how to create a website, so’s free blog service was the only choice for me. Well, perhaps not my only choice, as Apple’s iWeb would have worked just as well at this stage, but certain far more web-savvy persons than I, suggested that WordPress would be a better choice and who am I to argue!

So here I am, writing up my first posting on this newly created WordPress weblog. 

My motivation for this enterprise is the multitude of people publishing blogs on the internet and my desire not to be left behind by changes in today’s communication possibilities. As I start my weblog I have no idea how many people will ever read the articles I write, view the pictures I publish, or listen to the audio clips I post to the site, but that isn’t as important as the fact that I am actually taking part in the worldwide phenomenon that is the blogosphere.

  1. Awesome! I can’t wait to see the awesome content you write! I’ll be sure to subscribe!

    • jane73
    • July 13th, 2008

    Thanks Elliott, creating this blog-site has been challenging but fun, it’s a very steep learning curve for me and I keep sliding back down at times 🙂
    I hope to produce content of interest to many and I take inspiration from talented bloggers like yourself!

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