My First Foray into the World of Mac


In August 2005 I bought my first Apple computer. Only a year before I had replaced a deceased Dell desktop machine with another locally built Windows PC, so I’m not sure that I actually needed a new computer at the time. I had been reading articles on the BBC Technology website about a recently introduced desktop Mac computer called the Mac Mini. I was immediately gripped by the design of the Mac Mini and instantly became infected with the Macintosh virus resulting in an overwhelming desire to seek out all Mac related information.

The Mac design that first caught my eye.

The Mac design that first caught my eye.

 After weeks of my usual manic quest to research a new topic I felt the urge to own a Mac Mini. A little gentle persuasion of my husband was required before I could rush down to the local Apple reseller, but after a day or two he relented and I set off to acquire my first Apple product. 


To be honest I don’t know why it had taken me so long to be bitten by the Apple Mac bug, after all my brother-in-law had been using Macs for years, but for some reason I had blindly followed the Windows PC line. I eventually saw the light of Apple’s software advantages after trying to edit home video on Windows XP, it was such hard work and I never could seem to achieve the simplest of results. During my research I had visited the Apple reseller and sampled the delights of iMovie video editing software, I was convinced it would be much easier to use than the standard Windows movie editing software. I was entranced when the store assistant showed me the rest the goodies that the Apple software offered.


And so one rainy morning in August I walked into the Apple shop and asked to purchase a Mac Mini, “ah” said the sales assistant “great choice, but I’m afraid we don’t have any in stock”. My spirit sank and I wandered around the store aimlessly sampling the other Apple goodies on display. I kept returning to the 17” iMac G5 desktop and eventually convinced myself that it was worth the extra few hundred dollars and so ten minutes later I was walking back to my car with the box containing my very first Mac.


My first Mac, an iMac G5

My first Mac, an iMac G5

For those that need to know, it’s a 2.0GHz PowerPC with 512MB RAM, ambient light sensor version. After a few weeks an extra stick of 1GB RAM was added to give a total of 1.5GB. Three years later it continues to behave impeccably, its only fault having been a failed SuperDrive that was replaced under warranty.

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