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Shortly after the acquisition of my first Mac, the iMac G5, i became hungry for as much Mac related information as my tiny brain could handle. I found that one source of such info was the multitude of Mac related podcasts available via the iTunes store. It wasn’t long before I had subscribed to around a dozen or so tech-related podcasts. There was the Mac ReviewCast with the amazingly resourceful Tim Verpoorten from whom I’ve picked up many useful Mac software applications, the Typical Mac User podcast with Victor Cajiao who has endless tips and tricks and ScreenCastsOnline by Don McAllister where the added benefits of visual tutorials are invaluable.

However there is one podcast in particular that I started listening to in September 2005 and haven’t missed an episode since, it’s the NosillaCast Podcast by Allison Sheridan, her tag line sums up the podcast beautifully: “A technology geek podcast with an EVER so slight Macintosh Bias”. Allison’s enthusiasm for all technology is infectious and she even explains how to wax-polish cars!

Over the years I heard many of Allison’s listeners sending in audio reviews of software and hardware to the NosillaCast, so one day in April 2008 I suddenly had the wild idea that I too could produce an audio clip for the NosillaCast.  Then I pulled myself together and said out loud “what the heck would I talk about” and mentally filed away the ridiculous idea.

Some days later I sat down in front of my MacBook Pro and, for no apparent reason, started typing out a my thoughts on my recent installation of an Apple Time Capsule router.  

Apple's Time Capsule

Apple's Time Capsule

My fingers flew across the keyboard, which probably explains the huge number of typo’s, and I eventually had three pages of text. “If I’ve gone this far, then I really ought to give the audio recording thingy a go” I thought, so I fired up GarageBand (the music/audio recording software on the Mac) and sat there staring at the screen trying to work out how to use it. I clicked here and there, slid sliders around and watched great swathes of coloured bands traipse across the GarageBand interface. I was much saddened by my inability to grasp the intricacies of GarageBand and therefore screamed very loudly at it.




Some four hours and a packet of crisps later I had mastered the rudiments of GarageBand sufficient to allow me to make an audio recording of my script. I took a deep breath and started to read my script as GarageBand dutifully recorded every syllable. Eventually I worked out how to export the audio file into something that I could send to the NosillaCast and I emailed the audio file off to Allison. By this time I was a delirious wreck, buoyed up by the thrill of having completed my mission and so I fell asleep.


A week later I eagerly downloaded and listened to the latest episode of the Allison’s podcast and promptly turned bright red and grinned inanely as I heard my own voice emanating from the NosillaCast Podcast. I was hooked and went on to record other audio clips for the NosillaCast, some of which may just appear on this blog eventually.

Listen to my   Audio Review of Time Capsule   

Listen to the whole episode of the NosillaCast Podcast containing my review:

The NosillaCast Podcast, Episode 148.

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