iPhone 3G Launches

Friday 11th July 2008, a big day in Australia for Apple fans as the iPhone arrives on these shores for the first time. Well, legitimately that is, because there have been hacked iPhones turning up on this continent since the launch of the original iPhone in June 2007.

Surprisingly for an Apple fan, I have yet to see the iPhone for real. I set out on iPhone Launch Day to rectify this gaping hole in my Apple life, but no matter how hard I searched the various iPhone outlets the closest I came to handling an actual iPhone was seeing a boxed iPhone being handed over to a customer. I will eventually acquire an iPhone and that void will be filled, but not for a while yet. 

In the meantime I console myself with the iPod touch upgraded to the latest 2.0 software. I was at first flummoxed by my inability to get the 2.0 software on 11th July. You see 11th July was the date Apple promised to release the much anticipated software, so i spent many hours clicking on the “Check for Update” button on iTunes but to no avail. Then it was pointed out to me on Twitter by a much more astute person than I, that the date of 11th July was USA time zone related which of course meant early on 12th July here in Australia.

Saturday 12th July,  iPod Touch connected to iTunes V7.7, “Check for Update” clicked and let the download begin! 10 minutes to download and another 50 minutes to update the iPod and restore all audio and videos. Oh, I also need to complain here that we in Australia pay Au$12.99 (US$12.57) for the 2.0 update against US$9.99 in the USA. That said, the upgrade is well worth the outlay… and now to get some of those wonderful applications from Apple’s aptly named App Store! Do you think I got enough “ap” words into that sentence!


Listen to my audio description of iPhone 3G on Episode 161 of Allison Sheridan’s NosillaCast podcast.

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