Return to SLR Photography


Olympus OM2n

Olympus OM2n



Back in the early 1980’s I bought an Olympus OM2n 35mm SLR camera, yes one of those old-fashioned devices that you actually had to put a roll of film inside! The Olympus served me well throughout a couple of decades of home and travel photography. As the era of digital photography arrived I moved on to a small point and shoot digital camera, a 2.1 megapixel Olympus C200Z.



Canon Ixus65

Canon Ixus65

The convenience of the digital camera was a revelation, no more messing around with rolls of film, developing costs or storage of a multitude of prints. These attributes together with the ability to fire off shots and delete the unwanted photos would see the end of film-based cameras in popular photography the world over. As the mega pixel count increased on cameras and the prices fell I moved on to an even smaller point and shoot camera with 6 megapixel, the Canon Ixus 65, but I regretted the lack of a viewfinder on this particular model. Holding the camera in outstretched arms does nothing to help secure a sharp picture!


Canon 450D (Rebel XSi)

Canon 450D (Rebel XSi)


For some time I had felt the urge to return to the realms of SLR photography and after much research I recently purchased a Canon 450D (Rebel XSi) digital SLR. This camera has given me a new found enthusiasm for photography. I created a Flickr account where some of my photos are displayed and I’ve had comments and advice (much needed!) from some great people out there on Flickr and via the NosillaCast podcast. The internet has surely done wonders for creating a photographic community around the world.


Listen to the First Part of the full story of my Return From the Photographic Dark Years as told on the NosillaCast Podcast, Episode 157

For the full version of this posting see the Longer Tales page.

Part 2 will follow in a later posting….

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