Inquisitor For Safari

A small software application that I use many times a day is a plug-in for Apple’s Safari web browser called Inquisitor. It was developed by David Watanabe and is available from It does a great job of speeding up web searches and weighs in at a very low 28KB.


This application or should that be plug-in (I’m not sure of the correct technical term here) anyway this application has been a part of my daily web searching since it was released in Version 3 at the end of 2006. 


It neatly buries itself inside the spotlight search field at the top right-hand corner of the Safari window where it announces its existence by displaying the word ‘Inquisitor’ in greyed out text.

It is seamlessly integrated with Safari and is simplicity itself to use, just type in your search word or phrase in the Safari’s search window and Inquisitor will auto-complete the text, trying its darnedest to predict what you’re going to type. Inquisitor does quite a decent job of its predictions, but this is a feature that can be switched off in preferences if you wish.

Having entered your search word, there then appears a cool, black drop-down list of websites and suggested search words. Clicking on any of the suggested websites will take you  directly to that website, or if an appropriate site doesn’t show up, then click on one of its suggested words and it will take you to ta full Google page of search results for that word. More on that Google search business later.

After installing Inquisitor, Safari gains another tab on its Preferences window named, appropriately “Search”.

On this Search tab there are a multitude of new options to be considered and chosen.  Now, here is where I show myself up as someone who generally just gets on with using software and doesn’t always go digging around to see what tweaks can be made. It was only last week when fiddling around with Safari, trying to get the RSS reader to do something, that I noticed the extra Search tab in the preferences listing all the choices to be made on how Inquisitor was to conduct its searches and display its results.

Now, remember I mentioned there would be more on the Google search later well, here it is…

Within the Inquisitor preferences there is a drop-down list enabling you to choose between Google and Yahoo as your search engine of choice.  But, more importantly for Non US residents, there is a long list of country specific Yahoo and Google search sites to choose from, thus producing country specific results, a very handy feature for me.

So although Inquisitor is a seemingly basic plug-in that produces the same search results as Google would, I find that it’s interface, right there on the Safari window and the intelligent suggestions for websites that it makes,  all add up to a really useful, timesaving little plugin. Oh and of course it’s  free!

So those of you you haven’t tried it yet, go download it today and see what it can do for you!

You can hear my audio review of Inquisitor on this week’s NosillaCast podcast.

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