Jiggler 1.3 – Keeping Your Mac Awake

I used a small software application on my Mac recently to solve a problem I encounter at work whilst using Microsoft Excel on a Dell Windows XP machine. This application has absolutely nothing to do with spreadsheets or even Windows XP. The problem I have is that my office computer only has a 17 inch screen and when trying to view two spreadsheets at once, it means either squashing the two side by side within that 17 inch screen, or keep flicking between the two spreadsheets. Neither option is conducive to a happy worker, especially not in my case!


So I took my MacBook Pro into work and sat it alongside the Dell screen. I transfered one of the spreadsheets to my laptop and was able to view the second data sheet on my laptop while creating an Excel spreadsheet on the Dell machine.  But all was not perfect. The laptop was running on its battery and as I was only viewing the laptop screen and not interacting with it, the screen darkened after 3 minutes and then after 5 minutes it went into powersave mode resulting in a blank screen. 


I could easily have gone into the Mac’s Energy Saver settings and increased the inactive times, but there’s no fun in doing that! Instead I fired up Jiggler 1.3, an application that will jiggle your mouse to keep your screen alive and kicking. Well, it doesn’t physically jiggle the mouse ofcourse, it jiggles the cursor on the screen. Just set the time between jiggles to less than the screensaver or energy saver activation times and Jiggler will keep your screen alive and shining brightly.

It’s also good for when reading through a long webpage or document during which the display would normally dim and then go to sleep after a few minutes. Just have Jiggler running and your screen stays wide awake and then, when you want your Energy Saver settings to resume their effectiveness, just quit Jiggler.


I use it to keep my Mac awake whilst uploading files to the web, burning CD’s or other long-term events when I’m never too sure whether the process will be interrupted by the screensaver kicking in or the CPU going to sleep. Jiggler’s Preferences pane also allows a fair amount of customization in the way Jiggler operates.

Jiggler 1.3 is a free download from sticksoftware.com.  Visit their site and find a plethora of playful applications to have fun with on your Mac.


You can hear my audio review of Jiggler 1.3 on episode 163 of the NosillaCast Podcast.

  1. Jane,

    Nice job on the website. I use a similar program on my G4 laptop called Caffeine from Lighthead Software: http://lightheadsw.com/caffeine/


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