The New Volkswagen Golf



Photos of the new Volkswagen Golf have been released revealing the latest evolution of a perennial favourite. The new Golf Mk VI will go on sale in Australia mid 2009 following on from a European launch this October.



There haven’t been any dramatic leaps forward from the current Golf design but rather a modernisation of the classic VW look and in my opinion that is no bad thing.

VW Scirocco

VW Scirocco



The loss of the heavy-chinned look together with darkened front grill and headlights follow the styling cues from the Volkswagen Scirocco coupe launched earlier this year in Europe, whilst still remaining loyal to the enduring Golf theme.




Volkswagen have introduced some of the latest technology into the new model with Automatic Distance Control and Park Steering Assist appearing in the upper grade trim levels. With luck, Volkswagen Australia will allow that technology to infiltrate this continent, unlike some manufacturers who seem to think Australia is not worthy of the latest safety features in vehicles sold here.  The Golf engines will continue their economy and emissions improvements with the newer range of Volkswagen’s diesels being included in due course. Underneath the skin, changes are fewer, with the suspension and much of the petrol engine range being carried over from the current Golf.


The quality of cabin materials has reportedly taken a step up from the current Golf Mk V standards, which had come in for criticism in comparison to earlier Golfs. It is this perception of quality that draws buyers from the less esoteric but more reliable marques. After-all, the process of a car purchase is, more often than not, based on the feel-good factor. 


Personally I’m looking forward to seeing the GTi version, due later next year, with its Audi-esque LED strips on the headlamp units.

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