3 Useful iPhone Apps.

The more time I spend with the new iPhone 3G, the more I come to love it. The possibilities for enhancing its capabilities even further lie in the oodles of applications available for download from the iTunes App Store.

Having a little spare time this weekend I perused the App Store for an hour or so, losing myself in the huge selection of applications, everything from a bubble bursting app described as “For toddlers who need a fun distraction” to eWallet, a secure password manager that encrypts your sensitive information.

Whilst meandering my way through the pages of apps I picked three to download and try out.



Firstly I chose Currency, a simple and clear currency converter that displays up-to-date exchange rates for a vast selection of world currencies. you can customize it to your main currency of choice and rearrange the list of exchange rates it displays. For me it provides the information I need on my iPhone wherever I am.




The next app I downloaded was Locly. This fascinating app uses the iPhone’s GPS location finding ability to show you information related to your locality. It will list nearby cafes & shops, taxi firms, museums, hotels, banks and ATMs plus many more. It also offers the facility to view locally based Flickr images and Twitter tweets!

I stepped outside to try Locly and it instantly and accurately pinpointed two restaurants within a few hundred metres of me. I tapped on the restaurant’s name and the display showed the address and phone number of the restaurant together with a Google map indicating its precise location.

I was disappointed that tapping on the phone number didn’t actually call the number though. But, this is the really clever bit: tap on the map image and you will be taken directly to the native Maps app where the GPS will guide you right to the door of the restaurant!  

This app impresses here in Australia because it is fully loaded with local data. I was very impressed and look forward to trying out this app on my travels.


Finally, I downloaded another GPS based app, this one is called Here I Am and simply takes your GPS location, enters the details into an email ready for you to send to one of your contacts. The email recipient can then click on the link to be taken to a Google map pinpointing your whereabouts. Such a simple app and yet one that could ultimately be an exceptionally useful one.



The iTunes App Store is a source of much entertainment for iPhone or iPod Touch owners and many of the apps are free, including all three reviewed here.

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