iMac’s 10th Birthday

Ten years ago this week Apple launched the iMac G3, a new style of computer hardware design intended to turn the world of beige-box computers upside down.

It succeeded in changing the course of not only computer box design, but the white and translucent plastic concept spread across many areas of industrial design.

The original iMac caused a stir when it was released without a floppy drive, relying on it’s CD-ROM drive to install software.

It was a bold move by Apple to deny iMac owners easy use of their 3.5 inch floppy disks and external diskette drives became a popular accessory, but eventually the CD drive was responsible for the demise of the floppy drive. 

The translucent plastic design was extended over time to produce a thoroughly psychedelic range of coloured iMacs brightening up homes and offices around the world.

The 1998 iMac is attributed with starting Apple on the road to the successful computer hardware producer it is today. And the person responsible for introducing the iMac, Steve Jobs, continues to lead Apple into ever more creative computer-based technology.

  1. I have a G3 sitting in my garage. Need to use it for something. Nice job on the site.


    • jane73
    • August 17th, 2008

    Thanks Robert. I’m a late comer to the Mac, my first was an iMac G5, wish I’d been bitten by the Apple bug earlier. Better late than never though!

  2. I remember when these went on sale, they were so cool looking compared to PC’s and in many ways still are. Apple’s designs always hit the spot.

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