1Password iPhone Version Bug

1Password software securely holds all your website login details and other sensitive information allowing you to log into your websites without having to remember all those pesky passwords.

It runs on Mac OS X and there is a version for the iPhone.

I installed 1Password on both my MacBook Pro and iPhone. It worked perfectly on the laptop, but not so on the iPhone.

Once setup, 1Password will autofill your usernames and passwords into websites for you. You only have to remember one password for all the sites you visit and the software does the rest.

1Password for the iPhone is now at version 1.3 and is a free download from Apple’s iTunes App Store. Unfortunately this latest version has a bug which can cause the autofill feature to fail, rendering it useless.

Apparently earlier versions of the 1Password worked perfectly on the iPhone, but the latest version 1.3 has a bug which is causing the failure.

According to 1Password’s developers, Agile Web Solutions, a fix has been submitted to Apple and is expected to appear on the iTunes App Store shortly.

This software has received many great reviews, the latest being on The TypicalMacUser Podcast Episode 141.

I hope the fully functioning version is available for download very soon.

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