Copy and Paste for iPhone & iPod Touch

In my totally non-expert way of thinking, one of the simplest operations to have on any operating system is the ability to copy & paste between applications. But Apple has chosen to ignore requests for such a feature on the iPhone.

Not surprisingly, third party developers for the iPhone are chomping at the bit to produce an application that performs this function. However, Apple’s software development rules prohibit applications that provide cut and paste functionality outside their own application.

Proximi’s MagicPad is a rich text editor app for iPhone that offers copy and paste functionality within that app, but now Proximi has proposed an interface for system-wide copy and paste on the iPhone. It is not a downloadable app as I first thought, but an open source project called OpenClip which developers can incorporate into their own apps, enabling the copy and paste function between supported apps.

To date, developers of eight iPhone applications have agreed to participate in the project. WordPress was originally shown on the site as one of those participating, but within the last hour it has mysteriously disappeared from that list.

Visit the OpenClip website and view this video to learn more.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

  1. Wow looks like fun and I appreciate you being on the lookout for this problem waiting for a solution.

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