Marware iPhone 3G Case



Shortly after the iPhone 3G went on sale in Australia I gave in to temptation and purchased a black 16GB iPhone. Three months later the silicone case I had originally bought was looking worn and after using a friend’s leather flip style case on his iPod Touch I decided to look for something similar for my iPhone. I found just what I was looking for at a local Apple reseller, DigiLife:

The Marware C.E.O. Flip Vue for iPhone 3G is a Nappa leather flip-style case into which the iPhone slips easily. The volume and silent-mode functions can be operated with the flip lid closed and the flipsidecamera lens has a cut-out hole on the back of the case. The earphone plug fits easily through a wide opening at the hinge of the case and isn’t obstructed when opening or closing the case. The external speakers and dock connector are always accessible, allowing charging without removing the iPhone from its snug leather case.

On the back of the case there is a removable belt clip which I tend to leave off as it increases the overall depth of the case quite considerably, making it more difficult to slip into pockets when the belt clip is attached.

The quality of the leather is good, I particularly like the padded feel to the front cover and the look of the perforated leather panel than runs the length of the case. 

flipopenThe inner part of the case is covered in microfibre which has the feel of suede and offers a smooth soft environment for the iPhone. The sides of the case are elasticated, giving a firm grip on the iPhone while still allowing easy removal of the phone as needed.  The lid is held closed by two velcro tabs at each lower corner of the case. 

The protection offered by the case appears to be very good as I have (accidentally) dropped it onto a solid floor without damage to the iPhone or indeed without a mark on the case either.

So the Marware C.E.O. Flip Vue case fulfills its brief well: it looks good, has a quality feel, protects its precious cargo well and is functional.

flipwhiteHere in Australia the case cost me $AU44.95 ($US30.86) including taxes. It is also available by mail order on the (US-based) Marware website for $US29.99.  It’s available in  black or white, but a greater range of colours would be even better. I would love to have the Flip Vue case in a deep mulberry red!

  1. I really fancied a silicone case for my new iphone. What was the damage to your silicone case. Did it split? Was it just general discolouring? And did it have any protection for the touch display?

    Nice post jane I will be back!

    • jane73
    • November 10th, 2008

    Hi Darren,
    My silicone case wasn’t damaged at all, it just didn’t look as “fresh” as it did when new, it had gone a bit shiny in places. The make of silicone case was JMB and cost $AU19.
    I bought a pack of “Surface Shields” screen protectors made by Philips, but they turned out to be anti-glare and in my opinion they dulled the iPhone screen, so I changed to a clear screen protector made by MercuryAV. This has done an excellent job of keeping the iPhone screen in perfect condition and only requires a quick wipe over to remove greasy fingerprints. MercuryAV is an Australian company and so may not be available in UK.
    I hope you have as much fun with your new iPhone as I have with mine!

    • willburns1
    • November 12th, 2008

    check out this waterproof case for iphone. waterproof case for iPhone.

  2. Jane,

    Nice review, now I need an iPhone. It doesn’t look like it will fit my Blackberry.


    • jane73
    • November 12th, 2008

    Well, Robert, this case is as good a reason as any to get yourself an iPhone! Everyone should have one 😉

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