Create Multiple Docks


As I acquire and use more and more applications on my MacBook Pro the Dock grows and the application icons shrink in size.


My Dock now fills the width of my 27″ screen, but when I’m away from my big screen the Dock icons on the 15″ MacBook Pro screen require serious squinting to see what the icons are.



The answer to my ever growing number of icons is to be found in an application called Dock Spaces 2.10 which enables you to create different docks for various workflow situations or for different Spaces desktops within Leopard.





Dock Spaces 2.10 allows you to create up to 10 different docks containing your chosen icons.


I created a Dock relevant to my work which contains Excel, Word, Parallels, Mail and Safari icons and another Dock for media creation containing iLife Suite and Photoshop icons.


The preferences enable you to choose whether the Dock is located at the bottom, left side or right side of the desktop and even whether they are left or right aligned.




You can choose which of your newly created Docks you wish to use by keyboard shortcuts or from the options panel via the the menu bar icon.


You can also allocate a different Dock to up to 4 Spaces. I found this a very useful way to identify which Space I was working in when flitting between Spaces.


Dock Spaces 2.10 is one of three appliactions created by a young developer, Patrick Chamelo, who is studying for a degree in software engineering.

The app is available from his website or via Apple’s Downloads webpages.

Dock Spaces 2.10 is free, although donations are welcome. It runs on PPC or Intel based Macs and requires OS X 10.5.

One enhancement I would like to see would be the ability to run 2 Docks at the same time on the desktop. I wonder how useful it would be to have a Dock on each side of the desktop?

  1. Jane,

    I have the same problem with my dock and I have a 24″ inch screen. There are just too many great Mac applications. I have been using Quicksilver to launch my apps but this looks like a great alternative.


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