SpaceSuit Gives You Desktop Background Choice in Spaces

I have never been comfortable using the Mac’s OS Leapord’s Spaces feature. The lack of identifying features for each new Spaces desktop often led to confusion, yes I am easily confused!

spacesuit-iconNow I think I’ve been given the help I need: the SpaceSuit 1.0  application  provides the opportunity to distinguish your various Spaces by enabling you to set a different desktop image to each Space.

Yes, I can now move between Spaces screens and very easily recognise which Space I am in!

It was while listening to Tim Verpoorten on the Mac ReviewCast that I first heard about SpaceSuit and I thought it sounded the perfect piece of software to compliment DockSpaces 2.10 that I had installed and reveiwed a few weeks earlier.

SpaceSuit is a wonderfully simple app, the Dock icon is all you need to use SpaceSuit, just drag an image file onto the application’s Dock icon and SpaceSuit will apply the image to the current desktop.

spacesuit-optionsRight click on the icon to be given a list of display settings and the option to remove the image.

If you have a multi display setup the image will be displayed on both screens and I couldn’t find a way to have a different image on both screens.

The image filled my MacBook Pro screen.

Initially I was concerned when the image did not fill the whole screen on my external display, but it was a simple matter of choosing “Fit To Screen” from the display options within SpaceSuit to have the larger external monitor filled with the new desktop image.

One point to remember is that if you quit SpaceSuit then the desktop image on each Space will revert to your previous OS X desktop image and will again be the same for each Space. Relaunch SpaceSuit and it will return your chosen SpaceSuit images to the desktop.

SpaceSuit 1.0 is such a simple little app that provides a really useful addition to my ever-growing list of installed application software and best of all it is a free download. 

If you have problems identifying your Leopard Spaces then give SpaceSuit a go!

    • paige
    • August 19th, 2011

    The link provided led me to a site that does not seem reliable/valid!!

    • jane73
    • August 19th, 2011

    Hi Paige
    You are correct, it seems that in the 2+ years since this article was written the developer’s website has disappeared.
    I’ve done a quick bit of googling but I can’t find any trace of this application nor the developer any more. That’s a shame as it was a useful little app.

    • molly
    • September 15th, 2011


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