ACT Printer * Virtual Paper iPhone App

I had a Mac problem that ended with a convoluted solution but an easier way was out there:


I awoke to find that my home internet access was non-existent, re-starting router and modem didn’t fix it. My wireless network was working fine and I had my iPhone with access to the internet via the 3G cell network.

The problem was that I had a document on the Mac that needed emailing urgently.

The clever Evernote app only syncs via the internet, so no connection ruled that one out.


I ended up converting the  document to a jpeg file, importing it into iPhoto, synced the image to my iPhone and then emailed the jpeg of the document. Fortunately the image was clear enough to be read by the recipient.

But what a rigmarole to go through!

There surely had to be a better way for next time!

Searching through the iTunes App Store revealed the ACT Printer*Virtual Paper app, a long-winded name but cheap enough at AU$1.19.

act-print-clientThis app allows you to “print” documents to your iPhone or iPod Touch via a wireless network, no internet connection necessary!

Act Printer requires the download of a Mac component on your computer. Once installed it gives you an extra option of “Print to iPhone” on the drop-down list when printing a document to PDF.

Then just follow the on screen instructions and the document will appear within the ACT Printer app on your iPhone or iPod Touch.


Once stored in the ACT Printer app the documents can be emailed to anyone in your contacts list.

You can’t enter a new email address or add any text to the body of the email and be aware that the file will be sent as soon as you touch the contact’s email address, so make sure you’ve picked the correct contact!

The document is emailed as a PDF.

ACT Printer stores multiple documents, they can be enlarged for easy viewing however diting is limited to changing the title.

The documents can be re-arranged in the list and deleted when no longer required.

I did have a few iPhone crashes whilst using the ACT Printer app to import a large size file containing images but that aside, the ability to view documents on the iPhone without using the internet to sync can be just what’s needed for those of us with a less than reliable internet connection!

The ACT Printer*Virtual Paper app is produced by Houdah Software, the makers of well known software creations such as HoudaSpot, the file search tool and HoudahGeo for photo geotagging.

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    • January 10th, 2012

    but where do you get the mac application from?

  1. September 21st, 2009

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