Snow Leopard Compatibility


The latest update to Apple’s operating system, OS X Snow Leopard, has been released.

A few applications have been found to be incompatible with Snow Leopard so I thought I had better try the ones I have reviewed previously on this website.

A quick check showed that ACT Printer, SpaceSuit and Dock Spaces all work with Snow Leopard.

1Password did not work initially but the developers soon came up with a fix so the latest version works fine with Snow Leopard.

The only application mentioned on this site that doesn’t work under Snow Leopard (at the time of writing this post) is Jiggler.

This little app is designed to keep your Mac awake and prevent the screensaver kicking in. I emailed the developer who said to keep an eye on their website at for any updates.

Jiggler has yet to be updated so I now use a similar app called Caffeine to prevent screensaver activation as and when necessary.


Caffeine puts an icon in your Menu Bar. Click the icon to prevent your Mac automatically going to sleep, dimming the screen or activating the screen saver. Simple but effective!

Caffeine is freeware and available from Lighthead Software.

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