Things for Mac

After watching Don McAllister’s ScreenCast explaining the software application “Things” and seeing how many other people were singing its praises I thought I’d stump up the AU$48 and give it a go.

Things is a “to do” list organiser, it is full of clever ideas on how to arrange, show and maintain your list of jobs that you need to get done.
I have a dreadful memory, just ask my husband what’s his name, and unless I keep lists of everything (and I mean everything!) then all my ideas, plans and “to dos” will be sucked straight out of my memory by some sort of cruel osmotic process.
Until now my ever-so sophisticated way of producing reminders on my Mac has been to use Stickies and copies of emails on the desktop where they are visible to me each day and act as nagging reminders of tasks yet to be achieved.
Well no longer am I going to remain in the Dark Ages, instead I am going to give Things a darned good thrashing and see if it can drag some sense of organisation into my memory banks!
It looks pretty enough with plenty of tags, lists and “stuff” to impress me so far.
Let’s see how it copes with a totally hopeless case like me, drop by in a week or so to see if I’ve managed to become any more organised.
    • Jaczim
    • October 26th, 2010

    Hey, I’m interested to hear what you think about THINGS as I’m a wanna-be organised person! Thing is it’s more than the usual $$$ I spend and I really want something I can buy once and it’s on my mac, iPad and iPhone, and it syncs! Is that too much to ask? It’s evernote for me till something better comes along!

    • jane73
    • October 26th, 2010

    Things has been on my Mac and iPhone for over a year now and more recently on my iPad. I continue to use it regularly which, in my mind, means it must be working for me.
    It’s biggest plus point is its simplicity, it sits there quietly waiting to be accessed when needed, but is obvious enough to be a reminder that there are tasks yet to be completed!
    One criticism is that to sync the iPhone & iPad versions to the desktop app means having the iPad & iPhone apps open at the same time as the desktop app and on the same wireless network.
    On the whole it’s a great little app that helps with the daily reminders.
    It’s not a cheap choice though!
    I’ve never managed to get “into” Evernote.

  1. May 21st, 2011

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