I promised an update to my previous blog post discussing Things for Mac, so here we go…

The measure of success for this app was always going to be how long it would stay in daily use by me.
Well, I have indeed used it every day since installing it on my Mac some seven weeks ago, something I really did not expect to happen.

After a few days using the app on my Mac, I bought the Things mobile app for the iPhone and use that in conjunction with the desktop version.

It enables me to remind myself throughout the day of the important tasks in my list.
I can amend my list on the iPhone and it will update the desktop version on my Mac when they sync.
I am not going to pretend to be a heavy user of this GTD app, I just wanted something that would make me a little more organised and ensure that I actually got things done!
The result? Yes, it has made me a teeny bit more organised and I can tell you every little bit helps.
If you need to know more about Things, there is a very thorough review on www.gtdtimes.com.
At AU$48 for the desktop version and AU$12.99 it’s not a cheap way to keep organised, but if you value some semblance of order to your life, then it might just be worth it. In my case I’m happy with the value for money.
Just a few quick points:
  • The mobile version of Things works on the iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • The desktop and mobile versions need to be on the same wireless network for the two apps to sync.
  • Syncing via the cloud would improve Things further.
  • There is no PC desktop version yet.
  • Go to the iTunes App Store and check out the comments, both praising and criticising the mobile Things app.
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