A quick look through the Mac App Store reveals many multi-clipboard apps, some more fully featured than others and varying in price from free to… well, quite a few dollars in some cases.

ShelfMenu ver 2.0.0 is the new kid on the block, released a few days ago it offers the ability to save anything from the OS X clipboard into its storage system, making the clipboard snippets available for use at a later time. It will store images, text and webpages which can then be organized into folders within the app.

Just send your clipboard snippets to the ShelfMenu’s Inbox where they are safely stored for later retrieval. The clippings can be left in the Inbox or reorganized into folders. The saved snippets are available from the app’s menu bar icon, from where you can access all of ShelfMenu’s functionality.

The Organizer feature of ShelfMenu allows management of your clipboard history by the creation of folders, into which the clipboard snippets can be stored, enabling you to sort, rename or delete your snippets.

Keyboard shortcuts can be set within Preferences to activate various features of ShelfMenu and once setup they allow quick and easy snippet saving, viewing and pasting.

ShelfMenu also allows the creation and storage of text notes and the developer of ShelfMenu, Cesare Tagliaferri, hopes to include syncing across multiple Macs in the next release of this app.

With so many versions of multi-clipboard apps available today, each performing similar tasks in different ways, it really is a matter of personal preference as to which one you would choose. In my case I’ve found ShelfMenu simple to use, useful in its feature set and it’s an app that will be remaining in my menu bar for continued daily use.

Give ShelfMenu a try, it’s available for download from the Mac App Store for AU$2.49 / US$1.99. You can also download a free trial version of the app from the developer’s website,

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