iHub Arrives

Today the postman delivered my iHub which I reported on in a previous blogpost about a week ago.

I must admit to not being certain that this little Apple-impersonating device would be delivered after Apple Inc instructed the company to cease selling these little devices, but I was wrong to doubt the supplier, MIC Gadget Store.

Shortly after my order went in, the company stopped selling any further iHubs.

The Apple inspired packaging, a perspex box with minimal descriptive text on white card, is of surprisingly good quality.

Beneath the iHub in the box is a 12cm long USB to mini-USB cable.

The iHub has one mini-USB upstream port and, on each side of the device, four USB downstream ports.

Of course the one thing that makes this particular USB hub special to any Mac fan is the Apple logo on the top face of the device, which illuminates when the hub is connected to the computer.

The hub works as any other simple USB hub and quality wise it’s on par with other such devices.

And of course the only reason for ordering this device is its cute Apple-likeness, in which respect it fully lives up to my expectations!

I’m still waiting for the black version to be delivered together with another white one, but I have yet to receive any shipping notification from the supplier. Maybe I’m lucky just to get this one white iHub, a possible future collector’s item!

Here’s a short un-boxing video taken with a precariously propped up iPhone!

  1. Good write up Jane, with some nice pictures. Gutted I missed out on this one!

  2. I knew I would have regretted not ordering one for myself…

    Thanks for the post and the nice un-boxing video; good lighting by the way, beside the unmistakable form factor I would not have said you used an iPhone!

    • jane73
    • May 5th, 2011

    Thanks Mark. Don’t worry I’ll sell you mine 😉

    • jane73
    • May 5th, 2011

    Thanks Cesare, yeah the only way I could get the iPhone to remain in position was to record vertically and the lighting was just my overhead halogen spots, so no real effort on my part!
    I’m sure Apple would sell a million if they produced such a cute little USB hub.

  3. Nice write up and pics Jane. As someone who ordered after seeing your tweets I am of course still waiting on my 2 white & 2 black iHubs to ship.

    But thanks for the forewarning, evidently I need to locate white cables for my white iHubs. Fanboy-ish OCD anyone?

    • jane73
    • May 5th, 2011

    I do hope yours arrive soon.
    Actually the white iHub does come with a white USB lead, it’s just that it was too short to connect to the computer for the photos, so I used a longer black lead instead. I should have made that clear in the posting.
    Your desire for colour-coordination will be fulfilled!

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