BusyToDo Adds iPad Interface

One of my favourite iOS apps has been given an iPad face lift!

The the BusyToDo “to do” list manager has now been released as a universal iOS app. It finally has an iPad friendly interface and looks so much better for it.

Since using BusyToDo, my only criticism had been the lack of an iPad specific interface. Originally designed as an iPhone (and iPod Touch) app, it’s appearance on the iPad screen always appeared low-rent, but no longer. It now makes full use of the iPad screen offering access to a variety of event filters on the left-hand side when viewed in landscape mode.

I’ve been a fan of BusyToDo  since its release in December 2010. Its ability to sync via the cloud using MobileMe is a great boon over the Things to do app that I previously used. In both an earlier review of Things and my follow-up a few weeks later, I criticised the lack of cloud syncing and it was this missing feature that finally drove me away from Things and into the arms of BusyToDo.

BusyToDo allows you to  manage all your tasks, appointments and reminders, easily and efficiently with simple over the air syncing between iOS devices, iCal and BusyCal.

Available in the iTunes App Store for AU$12.99.

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