WoodPad – The Hardwood Stand for iPad

Hello WoodPad for iPad – Goodbye Griffin A-Frame Stand.

My iPad has spent its whole life protected by Apple’s original iPad case which has held the iPad upright in landscape mode quite happily. However, recently I have noticed a tendency to fall over. No, not me, the iPad!

To prevent this precarious wobble I resurrected the Griffin A-Frame Stand from the cupboard. Problem solved, we have a steady iPad once more. However when the Griffin stand is not holding the iPad it looks too obtrusive, its height dominates the corner of my desk and there always appears to be something missing, like well… the iPad! This niggled me and I became unhappy with the Griffin stand. Yes, I could fold away the Griffin stand but I wanted to leave the stand available for use.

Then, while listening to an episode of the MacBites Podcast, I heard a review of the WoodPad for iPad. I perused the The WoodPad website, a beautifully designed site which clearly presents everything you need to know about WoodPad “The Stylish Hardwood Stand for iPhone and iPad”. It gives the history of WoodPad, details of the woods used and the availability of versions for iPad, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch.

The creator of the WoodPad, James Turner – a professional cabinet maker, describes how he first made a simple wooden stand for his iPad and posted a photo on Twitter, where interest in the idea lead to further development. Prototypes were tested and the product refined until a well crafted hardwood stand emerged.

The WoodPad for iPad stand is available in four different polished hardwoods: Maple, Ash and Cherry from the USA and European Oak, all the hardwoods are from managed sources.

I chose the Oak WoodPad for iPad and was pleased to see that free worldwide delivery was included in the £20 cost, a bonus when one considers delivery for me is from the UK to Australia!

The WoodPad was despatched (Air Mail) the same day and was received by me a couple of weeks later.

The Oak WoodPad instantly met my expectations of a nicely hand-crafted iPad accessory. I particularly like the pattern of the end grain on the vertical edges of the WoodPad.

The two grooves in the iPad stand give the option of 15 or 26 degree viewing angles and hold both the original iPad and the latest iPad 2 in landscape or portrait mode. My iPad in its Apple case sits nicely in the grooves at a perfect viewing angle, leaving the docking port and volume controls accessible. The rubber-style plastic feet have enough “stickiness” to hold the WoodPad firmly on horizontal surfaces and prevent any unwanted sliding around. With the iPad sitting in the WoodPad’s grooves it is feels solid and secure, its low centre of gravity making it feel more stable than the Griffin stand.

So what does the WoodPad achieve that the Griffin stand couldn’t? Well, apart from the apparent extra stability, the WoodPad blends into the background on my desk when it isn’t holding the iPad. It’s only 36mm tall whereas the Griffin A-Frame Stand is 208mm high. WoodPad is small enough to go unnoticed, but if I do become obsessively bothered by it, WoodPad slides under my iMac and is out of sight altogether!

For me, the simplicity of the WoodPad is its defining feature. The beauty of natural hardwood and an uncomplicated yet functional design combine to produce a desirable and useful iPad accessory that achieves more than I had expected. It provides a natural, low-tech alternative to the various aluminium and plastic iPad stands and I love it!

WoodPad Stand for iPad is available from http://www.woodpad.co.uk for £20 and the iPhone version is available for £16, both with free worldwide delivery.

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