Are Your Ripped Movie Chapters Out of Sequence?


Have you ever tried to rip a movie DVD on your Mac with HandBrake only to find that the final result is a movie file with all the chapters out of sequence making the movie unwatchable?

Well, that’s the result of the copy protection doing it’s stuff, trying to prevent you from ripping the DVD.

But if the DVD is your own, legally acquired copy of a movie, then in my opinion it’s reasonable to make a copy of the DVD for backup purposes.

VLC Media Player

The application HandBrake, in conjunction with VLC media player, is one of the simplest ways to rip your DVD on a Mac.

However, if the movie DVD has the “new improved” chapter-scrambling copy protection on it, then HandBrake becomes confused. The DVD has multiple false tracks on it, so that when HandBrake reads the source DVD searching for the main feature to rip, it invariably guesses at the wrong track, resulting in a collection of scrambled movie chapters.

HandBrake finds multiple tracks of similar length.

The answer is to tell HandBrake which is the correctly sequenced track out of the numerous ones that show up in the DVD source list.

To find the correct track you have to leave HandBrake and go to the DVD Player app.

Take the DVD you wish to rip and start playing it on the Mac in DVD Player.

When the main feature has started playing, go to the menu bar and click on Go and then Title, you will be presented with a list of numbered titles or tracks, one of which will be ticked. This is the track that is playing and is the correctly sequenced main track.

DVD Player Menu Bar shows which track is playing

Make a note of the ticked title number.

Stop playing the DVD. Go back to HandBrake and choose that title number from the source list.

Let HandBrake works its magic and your ripped movie file should then be perfectly sequenced.

The digital file is now available to be watched on your computer or burned to DVD, allowing you to safely store the original DVD away from children’s dangerous jam-covered hands.

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