About Jane

I live in Perth, Western Australia, often described as the most isolated city in the world with the nearest other major city being over 2,000 km away.

I love technology and I should admit to being a serious Apple fan! Photography is one of my other passions, whether it be taking the photographs or admiring the amazing work of others.

  1. Hey Jane – your site is BEAUTIFUL! I like it a lot. I was getting a bit jealous that the rest of the twitter-ites were talking to you about it but you hadn’t told ME about it until I listened to your latest audio entry!

    • G thru NosillaWorld
    • July 22nd, 2008

    Interesting, Jane. I’m presuming they really think the magnificent Boab tree will survive or the wouldn’t have attempted the move. Photos give a flavor of the event, and I certainly never thought of moving such a huge tree. Click on!

    • jane73
    • July 22nd, 2008

    Yes, the Kings Park staff have a high level of confidence in the tree surviving in its new home. They have successfully transplanted younger and smaller boabs to the park over the past few years. I will take some photos when the tree is “settled in”.

  2. Lovely site and always look forward to your comments on the NosillaCast. You write beautifully and do enjoy your ‘southern accent’. I have made many trips to NZ but never made the relatively short hop from Auckland to OZ … prehaps in future.


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