My Tech Gear

A TimeLine of my Tech Gear purchases:

February 2011


As you can imagine, a few more techie items have been purchased within the last 2 years, so check back soon for an updated list of my toys.


February 2009

The new ‘unibody” MacBook Pro had been an exceedingly tempting piece of Mac hardware for a many months.

My 33 month old MacBook Pro had been new-mbp1suffering from a malfunctioning DVD Drive for nearly 2 years, something which hadn’t bothered me that much, but now the screen was showing intermittent faults suggesting a failing logic board. This, I decided, was the excuse I needed to purchase a new MacBook Pro.

And so the order went in to Apple for a 15″ MacBook Pro with the 2.53 GHz processor, 4GB Ram and the faster 7200 rpm 320GB hard drive.

My old MacBook Pro then had its logic board and DVD drive replaced under AppleCare Protection Plan, thousands of dollars of repairs covered by warranty. Not surprisingly I purchased AppleCare for the new MacBook Pro!

The old MacBook Pro will lead a new life as a media centre providing digital media and web surfing via a 50″ Pioneer Plasma TV and Onkyo surround sound system.

July 2008

Oh joy! At last the iPhone is released for sale in Australia.

iphonetripleWoeful tales of customers being unable to get their hands on the iPhone made me hold off for a couple of weeks before I gave in to the magic that is the iPhone.

I ordered a black 16GB iPhone and a week later I was enjoying it’s technological beauty.

There is little to say about the iPhone that hasn’t already been spoken or written somewhere.

Needless to say I would be lost without my iPhone now.

I work, play, eat and sleep with my iPhone and it travels everywhere with me. Sad but true!

June 2008

A rare non-Apple tech purchase!

canoneos450dsideAfter much pondering of Nikon vs Canon I finally took the plunge and bought a Canon 450D (Rebel XSi) Digital SLR camera.

A 12 megapixel camera that produces some beautiful photographs, so much yet to learn but I’m enjoying every moment of it.

Canon’s 18-55mm  and 55-250mm lenses accompanied the camera body from the store and I felt like a child on Christmas day with my new toys.

April 2008

Apple’s wireless router combined with an internal hard drive offering network attached storage is released at the 2008 Macworld Conference in January of that year and is named Time Capsule.

timecapsuleIt offers behind-the-scenes automated back-up of the Mac.

I bought a NetGear DM111 ADSL2+ modem to which I attached the new Time Capsule router.

Once Time Capsule was installed the photo-sharing feature within iPhoto worked as seamlessly as it always should have done.

The Set-up of Time Capsule via Airport Utility could not be simpler.

The Time Machine back-up application within Mac OS X Leopard works flawlessly providing the vital safety net of regular back-ups for both iMac and MacBook Pro.

It just works!

December 2007

osx-leopardA Family Pack boxed version of Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard is installed on both the iMac G5 and the MacBook Pro.

Suddenly the two Macs talk to each other much more consistently than under OS X 10.4 Tiger.

Screen sharing is a useful feature enabling easy file movement on the remote machine within the local network.

November 2007


The third generation iPod Nano is released in September 2007.

By November I had found a good reason to buy one, but I can’t think what that reason was!

A black 8GB 3rd Gen iPod Nano joins the collection.

October 2007

Apple announced the new aluminium wired and wireless keyboards.wireless20070807

These sleek designs were a vast improvement on the old crumb-collecting white and clear plastic keyboards.

wireless-kb-top1A wired aluminium keyboard was connected to the iMac while the MacBook Pro benefited from the wireless version.

Both are so much easier to keep clean than the previous design.

September 2007

When Apple announced the first generation iPhone at Macworld in January 2007 I longed to own one but it was not on sale in Australia.ipodtouchhorizontal

In September Apple announced the iPod Touch which was the next best thing to an iPhone for me.

I immediately ordered a 16GB model and was soon happily enjoying the wonderful new touch-screen technology and its wireless connectivity.

February 2007

I had been using my MacBook Pro with an external monitor since I bought it but the monitor was a 3 year old Dell 15″ screen. Although it provided some valuable extra screen real estate it really wasn’t ideal.

dell2707wfpI wanted a much larger monitor to work alongside the 15″ laptop screen.

I waited until Macworld 2007 in the hope of Apple updating their Cinema Displays but to no avail.

After much web browsing I decided on the Dell 27” 2707WFP LCD screen.

The brushed steel effect surround complimented the aluminium MacBook Pro.

It had DVI and VGA connectors enabling it to be simultaneously connected t my laptop and rarely used PC machine.

Other specs include 4 USB ports, media card slots, component, s-video, composite connections and a 1900×1200 resolution.

September – November 2006

The next thing I needed was an external hard drive for back-ups.lacie-porsche

I decided on a LaCie 250GB Porsche design external drive with USB conection.

I was creating a few home movies with iMovie HD so, what at first appeared to be ample storage, soon shrank away to nothing.


Another drive was needed for back-ups and storage of movies.

This time I chose the Lacie Big Disk Extreme with a 500GB drive

August 2006

Once I had the MacBook Pro as well as the iMac I needed a way to share a printer between the two computers.

airport-express-handThe two computers were in separate rooms, the Canon Pixma MP500 printer sharing the study/office with the MacBook Pro.

The answer was to be found in another of Apple’s offerings, the Airport Express.

An amazingly talented little box of many tricks, only one of which is to act as a wireless print server.

The Apple Express enabled wireless printing from the iMac and MacBook Pro to the printer  in the study.


Around the same time I bought a wireless Mighty Mouse for each computer.

I like having one less cable to tangle with.

May 2006

pcpro-co-ukSince acquiring the iMac, I had wanted to replace my Dell laptop with an Apple PowerBook.

So when Steve Jobs announced the new Intel based MacBook Pro in January 2006 I could hardly contain myself!

I held out until the first minor processor update in May 2006 when the MacBook Pro was given a speed bump.

That was it, I couldn’t wait any longer and headed to the Apple reseller to order my machine.

Ten days later, having added an extra 1GB RAM, I walked out of the Apple reseller with my shiny new MacBook Pro 15″ 2.16GHz sporting a maximum 2GB RAM and 100GB Hard Drive.

applecare_indextop20061024stm-gloveI also added the 3 year Apple Care warranty, not  cheap but worth it for peace of mind.

For physical protection I bought an STM Glove.

I was in the proverbial heaven!

And the total cost? a not inconsiderable $AU4,854.

March 2006

ipod1genblkMy husband had been sharing the iPod 5G with me but as his interest in podcasts grew, so did the need for a second iPod.

I bought a 2GB 1st Gen iPod Nano in black for his birthday.

He was happy with the latest smaller form factor iPod.

November 2005

After my purchase of the iMac I wanted to learn all I could about Macs and so I started to listen to podcasts via iTunes. I needed a way to listen to this newly found font of Mac knowledge.


I decided the recently announced iPod 5G (Video) was the answer and so a white 30GB was ordered.

October 2005

the_isightThe iMac was a pre-iSight model so bought the gorgeous looking iSight webcam to stand on top of the iMac.

August 2005

I purchased my very first piece of Apple technology, an iMac G5 17″

It was love at first sight!iMac G5 17"

There had been much publicity on various tech websites about the launch of the new Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.

I felt like a change from the Windows operating system and it seemed like the right time to jump aboard the mighty Mac OS.

I had intended to buy Mac Mini to run alongside my WinXP PC but they were out of stock at my local Apple reseller and so I fell for the iMac instead.

I had drank the cool aid and was hooked!

  1. Excellent idea to add this page to your site Jane, I may have to steal you idea and do the same myself…

    Look great.

  2. Excellent update, it’s amazing to see all the toys we get over the years

    • Pat Mahon
    • January 31st, 2009

    Hi Jane, my first time on your site and wouldn’t you know what page I hit first?
    I’m digging your minimalist design.
    I normally consider it vulgar to talk of money, but I bet if you put the prices up next to the pieces of kit you bought and totalled them, your eyes would water!

    Good luck in the future, 😉

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